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Dano’s paintings capture an imaginary moment in time; a lucky snapshot into a world where “Frank, Sammy, and Dino” throw a couple back before a night on the town…where the “Duke” plays a hand of power with “The Man with No Name”…where James, surrounded by his most notorious villains, rolls a lucky 007” at the craps table.

Dano’s unique combination of cinematic style and storytelling captures the essence of each character in a backdrop rich with visual cues and colorful eye-candy. It is simply not enough to mimic photographs. His paintings go deep into the heart of what makes these characters so great in our collective consciousness, and transplants this intangible coolness into every canvas.

Dano’s blend of several genres is carefully culled from the music, movies, old school Vegas, classic pin-ups and larger than life scenarios that inspire him. Energy, humor and a genuine appreciation for talent is infused into every celebrity portrait of Dano’s Pop Culture collection, and a swingin’ soulful reprise of Bourbon Street’ finest brass colorfully collide in his Jazz collection.
As an EMMY award winning storyboard artist, who has worked for Warner Bros and Walt Disney studios, Dano knows how to work in many different mediums. This versatility has proven to be his strongest asset, and his ability to transcend styles and themes separates him from the typical painter. Dano’s paintings have graced the lobbies of movie studios, recording studios and premier nightclubs. His work has captured the admiration of personalities. Dano’s artwork is truly one of a kind.
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